Join forces with Axonite, to leverage our real-time data streaming, automation and cross channel customer interaction tools to help enterprises maximize the value of their marketing data and create seamless integrated experiences across all customer touchpoints

The team from Axonite: Adam Abrams and Jonathan David were the winners of the Hackathon organised by Confluent at the latest Kafka Summit, which took place in New York City, United States of America, on the 7th of May 2017.

Innovation Award for ‘Full text search on data streams’ using Lucene on Kafka Streams.

“In today's constantly changing environment, it’s not about 'building' your tech stack; it's about integrating several best-of-breed solid services to create your own stack. The majority of integration pain comes from non-standardized data models and APIs. Axonite solves that for us. We see Axonite as fundamental to the integrated digital eco-system of tomorrow.”

Cameron Stewart, Tune GM


“Together with Tune's highly flexible open API platform, Axonite hopes to replace the troublesome ideals associated with ‘bolting’ disparate systems together, and conversely, create an environment that fosters a true sense of unification.”

Yuval Shefler, Axonite CEO

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