Network management hub, integrates data, optimizes, automates and

coordinates operations across multiple disparate systems and channels

Demand Management
Instant Demand Import Integrations

Automatically import bulk CPI campaigns from more than 150 networks

Demand Automation and Optimization

Automated Bid, eCPI optimization

Automated Ad verification and filtering

Campaign Management
Campaign Automation

Automatically manage and optimize thousands of campaigns Automatically assign campaign to publishers based on rules

Automatically optimize campaigns against KPI goals (ROI, Quality, etc.)

Automatically distribute campaigns to networks

Reporting & Analytics

Unified reporting across channels and systems

Tailor dashboards based on business needs

Dedicated dashboards for advertisers, publishers and internal usage


In today’s constantly changing environment, it’s not about ‘building’ your tech stack, it’s about integrating several best-of-breed solid services to create your own stack. The majority of integration pain comes from non-standardized data models and APIs. Axonite solves that for us.

We see Axonite as fundamental to the integrated digital eco-system of tomorrow.

Cameron Stewart, GM of HasOffers, TUNE

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