Kafka Summit Hackathon Win



The team from Axonite: Adam Abrams and Jonathan David were the winners of the Hackathon organised by Confluent at the latest Kafka Summit, which took place in New York City, United States of America, on the 7th of May 2017.

This year’s theme was the rise of the streaming platform, a new architectural pattern for dealing with real-time data in the modern enterprise. One adoption pattern for a streaming platform is microservices. For the Hackathon, Confluent was looking for many examples to support this theme, one of which was microservices implemented with the Kafka Streams API or with Kafka producer and consumer clients for programming languages such as Java, C/C++, Python, .NET or Go. The goal was to combine the power of stream processing with the agility and composability of microservices.

Mr. Abrams and Mr. David implemented a custom storage engine, based upon Lucene, for the Kafka Streams API to index incoming events, and then wrote a Kafka Streams application that uses this new storage engine. Among other things, the application exposes e.g. the latest Top N documents via a REST API and Kafka’s interactive queries to other applications and microservices, which is a great pattern for composing individual microservices together into a full architecture that powers a company’s business.


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