Axonite framework acts as a digital nervous system orchestrating events in real-time across systems and personas. Seamlessly plugs into existing IT stacks and siloed systems, providing an easy way to add any in-context real-time reactive business flows.
Implementing reactive streaming micro-services/applications is a complex & costly endeavor. Axonite has packaged the power of Apache Kafka to make it an easy accessible reality.


To a world where you can simply configure your event triggered logic and it will be continuously orchestrated based on both real-time and historical context across your customers, systems and databases.


Axonite solution is composed of two layers:

Reactive Business Flows Builder

(Business Users)

Event Streaming & Connectivity Hub

(IT, Data Team)

Reactive Business Flow Builder

Intuitive tool to build in-context, real-time business flow

Event Streaming & Data Connectivity Hub

Pre-built plug-ins and SDK to add integration extensions to collect data and sync any system or database in real-time. Data is streamed and kept in a unified event sourcing data hub




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